Summer camp 2019: Camp Meriwether, Oregon

When: Sunday August 3 – Saturday August 10th

Where: Camp Meriwether, Oregon

Price: $855 per youth and $650 per adult

Camp Meriwether is located on the scenic Oregon Coast, one of the only Scout camps to feature an ocean beach. The beach-front property’s warm coastal breeze and high-adventure activities attract thousands of Scouts to this premier camp each year. The camp includes Lake Chamberlain, a fresh-water lake for swimming and kayaking, a trading post, and a state-of-the-art shooting range featuring shotgun, archery, rifle and black-powder shooting sports.

Cost breakdown

  • Campsite fees: $360 per youth and $155 per adult
  • Shuttle: $75 per person
  • Airline: Non-stop Alaska airline $385 per person. Luggage: Free carry-on, 1st checking bag is $35 and 2nd checking bag is $40

Payment Schedule

  • 01/31/2019: 1st payment of $250 due
  • 03/31/2019: 2nd payment of $250 due
  • 05/31/2019: Remaining balance due

Travel plans

  • 08/03/2019: Assemble at San Diego airport by 1:30 PM. Flight departs at 3:20 PM arriving Portland, OR at 5:45 PM. Bus shuttle from Portland airport for about 90 minutes.
  • 08/10/2019: Depart campsite before noon. Flight departs from Portland at 5:05 PM arriving San Diego  7:28 PM.

Available spots: 25 Boys, 5 Girls and 5 Adults