Troop 682 Patrol Leaders Council

Leadership Position Patch Summer 2018
 Winter 2017/18

Core PLC

Senior Patrol Leader Patch_SPL Damian C.  Ethan
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Patch_ASPL Justin D.  Gokul
Scribe Patch_Scribe Alex J.L.  Anish
Quartermaster Patch_QM Ethan E. Lars
Jeppelins Patrol Leader

(former Jesters & Zeppelins)

Patch_PL Jake S.  Patrick
– Assistant  Patch_APL  Sebastian S.  Jake S.
Swedish Chefs Patrol Leader  Patch_PL Anand N.  Rahul
– Assistant  Patch_APL Ethan E.  Sam
Trojans Patrol Leader  Patch_PL David F.  Justin
– Assistant  Patch_APL  Anish R.  David
Troop Guide  Patch_TG Sam T.  Sam T.
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster  Patch_JASM  

Extended PLC

Librarian  Patch_Librarian  Anish R.  Robert
Historian Patch_Historian Anand N. Anand
Junior Assistant Webmaster  Patch_WM Constantin I. Anand
Service Project Coordinator  Patch_SPC Pranit M.  
Leave No Trace Trainer  Patch_LNTT  Sebastian S.  Anand
Order of the Arrow Representative  Patch_OAR Jake M.  
Assistant Publicity Patch_Recruiter  
Chaplain’s Aid  Patch_CA Lars H.  Nick
Bugler Patch_Bugler Alex J.L.  
Den Chief Patch_DC Alex W.
Alex J.L.
Anand N.
David F.
Greg D.
Kamran J.
Alex L.
Alex W.